We are a service provider that offers a new economic model, namely the complementary trade principle.

Our Vision

We want to create prospertiy for all people, by a fair, social, as well as ecologically sustainable trade.

Country specific prosperity is defined by the social and cultural circumstances and shall be increased, by the creation of core values, such as food, health care, education, employment and infrastructure.


In cooperation with the University of Lucerne – IFU/BLI, Swissinput enables the visibility of the demand for these core values for all partners, who want to work together for a better world and better human conditions in the partner countries.

In partnership with EMPA (Swiss Federal Laboratories for Materials, Science and Technology), as technology supporter, Swissinput is planning a sustainable Complementary Trade Center, which reduces the distance between demand and supply over several continents.

With the investors Swissinput wants to ensure a profitable, solid and longlasting working relationship, which sustainably improves the prospertiy of every single human being.